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If you have a question or just ask, don't hesitate to ask me ! ^^ ( I speak French & English )

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Je suis le chocolat d'Oz. ♥
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Oz gets the 22th volume cover, what a surprise.

OMG OZ You’re so prefect. -go to die in love-

ryoura said: Gyaaaaa I want those keychains so back but taobao sold out boooo ;w; And is that a wallet???? And a bag??? WANT! <333 So much cute merch ahhhh <333

YEAH I WANT IT TOOO. The Keychain is… Beautiful seriously. I wait the 8 May for take them <3.

crepusculedupendu said : Je les veux tous!

Moi aussi ♥ Enfin, je mets quand même certain en priorité quand même vu que je ne suis pas riche. X’D

A lot’s of new Pandora Heart’s goodies ! *^* I want them !

One wing for my Gilbert cosplay ! It’s moving mouhaha \0. Feathers… Lot’s of feathers xox -die-

My page cosplay : click me !

khdreams sent:

By the way, love your blog and you are super nice :)

Omg, thanks ! >///< your blog is cute too <3 - big hug !-



Tails Appreciation: Plop in the Snow

no one requested it, but it’s a CUTE IDEA sfklcnsdljdsb
pLOPpp ~*~*~* 


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Huhuh. I make a fake arms for my Gil’s cosplay ! \0 

You like it? xD

My cosplay page


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Shikishi only for french fan !

I have it the next week ♥

Hunter x Hunter Ending 5 - Hyouriittai (表裏一体)

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Hi ! It’s my new plush. A little Litchi from blazblue. It’s a request for a friends. I hope you like it !

My plush page on FB : Click here ! and my deviantart : here too

Litchi ( Panda )
Art by Ayumi


ツイッターログ2【腐向け有】 by レス

Cuuuuuute ;A;

antow-chan sent:

I see that you like Arcana Famiglia *-* specially Luca, he's one of my favorites too. But if you had to choose between Oz and Luca, who would you choose? :o

Hi ! Thanks for your ask \0. Yup I really love Arcana Famiglia. It’s ma second favorite manga. ^^ I really, really love Luca but Oz’s my first angel of course ! ( Luca is the second. ) I never remplace my little blond angel. XD